What type of Content should I create?

What Type Of Content Should I Create? | Architect and Oracle 005

What type of Content should I create?

This is Episode 5 of The Architect and The Oracle show. The idea for the show is for you to send me your questions about Marketing and Social Media for Architects and I’ll answer them in short, bite-sized episodes.

In this episode I address the question: “What type of Content should I create?”

I start with a story of some push-back that I got after speaking to a group of small-firm Architects.


What is Content?

Content can take a variety of forms. Some types of content are platform specific.

It's important to remember that Creating Content does not equal Writing Blog Posts. Click To Tweet

There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to deciding what type of content you should be creating:

  1. Create the type of content that your Ideal Client is already consuming.
  2. Create the type of content that you’re good at creating.

I encourage all Architects to look around their office and imagine how the work that you do, your sketches, your study models, etc. can be re-imagined as digital marketing collateral; as Content. 

You tell me.

What types of content are you comfortable creating? What do you have lying around your office that can be used as Content?

Comment below and let me know.

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