What should your Avatar be?

What Should Your Avatar Be? | The Architect and The Oracle Episode 003

Avatar but not the one by James Cameron

This is Episode 3 of The Architect and The Oracle show. The idea for the show is for you to send me your questions about Marketing and Social Media for Architects and I’ll answer them in short, bite-sized episodes.

In this episode I talk about your Avatar. No, not the blockbuster James Cameron movie. The little box or circle with your picture or logo. What should  your Avatar be?

How many times have you scrolled down your Twitter feed and seen the Twitter Egg beside someone’s Tweet? That’s a problem. That’s what I’m talking about, but what should replace the egg?


What should your Avatar be?

I was asked recently what I thought your Avatar should be.

Should it be your logo, a picture of your product, a pretty beach scene or a picture of you?

If you’re wondering what your Avatar should be, ask yourself who or what you want to do business with. Do you want to do business with a company or do you want to do business with a human (at that company)? If you're wondering what your Avatar should be ask yourself if you'd rather do business with a company or a human. Click To Tweet

We crave human to human interaction. Companies have sales reps and product reps and all kinds of reps because we want to interact with humans; not a company.

Even though I can’t really interact with you through your picture as an Avatar, I can start to get a feel for your personality and look into your eyes. We can make that first human to human connection through your photograph.

You may say “But we paid a lot of money for our branding and logo, we want it to show up and be recognizable.”

Try this, scroll through your Twitter feed for the next few days and take notice of the Tweets that you stop on. You’re probably attracted first to the Tweets with images or videos but beyond those, which ones are you stopping on?

Do you stop most often on Tweets where the Avatar is a photograph of a person?


You tell me.

Did you do the test? What Avatars did you stop on?

What’s your Avatar? Is it your face? Is it your logo?

Comment below and let me know.


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