How can Architects engage potential clients?

How Can Architects Engage Potential Clients? | Architect and Oracle 006

How can Architects engage potential clients?

This is Episode 6 of The Architect and The Oracle show. The idea for the show is for you to send me your questions about Marketing and Social Media for Architects and I’ll answer them in short, bite-sized episodes.

In this episode I will answer Jason Larrison’s question about engaging potential clients on Social Media without stalking them.


If the State Architect asks, you’d better answer!

Indiana State Architect, Jason Larrison submitted a question via Twitter using the hashtag #ArchOracle:

Jason Larrison asked a question using #ArchOracle


Most Architects FAIL at Marketing

The mistake that many Architects (and other business owners) make is that they design their marketing plans and create content that appeals to them and other Architects; not their Ideal Clients.

You must create marketing campaigns that resonate so well with your Ideal Client that they feel compelled to share it other people like them; other Ideal Clients.

Your Marketing campaign must resonate so much with your Ideal Client they'll be compelled to share it. Click To Tweet


Stalking is such a dirty word!

Let’s don’t call it stalking, let’s call it Social Listening. Where are your Ideal Clients hanging out online? What are they talking about? What are they listening to?

Once you know those things you can begin to engage your Ideal Client without stalking them.


You tell me.

Where is your Ideal Client online? What are they talking about?

Comment below and let me know.


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