Do we need to be on social media? | The Architect and The Oracle Episode 002

Do We Need To Be On Social Media? | The Architect and The Oracle Episode 002

Do we need to be on Social Media?

This is Episode 2 of The Architect and The Oracle show. The idea for the show is for you to send me your questions about Marketing and Social Media for Architects and I’ll answer them in short, bite-sized episodes.

You might be surprised how often I get this or a variation of this question. Or, maybe you wouldn’t be. Maybe you’re asking the same question.

Maybe your version goes something like: “I don’t think Social Media really works for _________.”


History proves you wrong.

In 1886 Reuben H Donnelly published the first Yellow Pages. The popular question at the time (and for decades to come): “Do we really need to have an ad in the Yellow Pages?”

In 1967 the first direct-dial toll-free phone numbers (1-800 numbers) were available. The popular question at the time: “Who’s going to use a toll-free number?”

In 1991 the very first website was posted online. The popular question and comment at the time: “Who needs a website?” or “I think the internet is a fad.”

If you’re asking a similar question in 2015, you’ve already missed the boat. In 2015, if you're asking if #SocialMedia is 'worth it' you've already missed the boat. Now it's just a point of entry. Click To Tweet The real discussion has long passed you by.


You tell me.

In 2015 you can’t be asking if Social Media is worth it or if you need to be on Social Media or if your Ideal Clients really use Social Media.

The average consumer uses Social Media 40 minutes or more per day.

You tell me: Can you afford not to leverage Social Media as part of your Marketing Plan? Remember, it’s not about you or what you like. It’s about reaching your Ideal Client where they are and how they like to be reached. 


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