The American Institute of Architects' #ilookup The Architect and The Oracle Episode 001

The American Institute of Architects’ #ilookup | The Architect and The Oracle 001

Is the American Institute of Architects missing the mark with #ilookup?

This is Episode 1¬†of The Architect and The Oracle show. The idea for the show is for you to send me your questions about Marketing and Social Media for Architects and I’ll answer them in short, bite-sized episodes.

I’ve heard a good bit of push back from Architects about the content and positioning of the American Institute of Architects’ new #ilookup advertising campaign. Is the AIA missing the mark or are Architects (arguably poor marketers in general) missing the point?

You can find out more about the AIA’s new ad campaign and watch the videos at the #ilookup website.

Special thanks go out to Donna Sink, AIA of the Archinect Sessions Podcast for suggesting today’s topic. You can follow this link to find Archinect Session 16: “All Work and All Play” where the crew interviews Robert Ivy, FAIA, CEO of the American Institute of Architects about the #ilookup campaign.


Who are you trying to please?

Your content should not be designed to appeal to you. Your content should resonate so well with your IDEAL CLIENT that they're compelled to share it with other people like them. Click To Tweet These are the people that you enjoy working with the most, the people that bring you your best projects.


You tell me.

Put yourself in the shoes of an Ideal Client. Does #ilookup resonate with you (the Ideal Client)? Is it placed where you’ll see it? Will you share it with your friends; other people like you; other Ideal Clients? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if #ilookup appeals to you (the Architect) or not. Let me know in the comments section below.


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